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Note Synthesis 可以理解成笔记整理,从 What 、Why、When 三个角度出发,沿着 The Lagger of Thought 一级一级整理出可以支持你后续创作的笔记。在 8D - The Building BLOCKS - Block Types 中作者介绍她自己的笔记体系,这节课通过实际的例子讲解如何使用不同类型的笔记标签。



浏览浏览导入的高亮引用,标注关键词,将主题移到到 Topic 页面

写总结 Executive Summary,告诉未来的自己,这篇材料的主要内容是什么。


The Lagger of Thought 思想的阶梯

  • 记录一个想法从产生到成熟的阶梯。
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  • 从 Classify、Clarify、Connect 三个方面整理笔记

Classify (What?)

  • [[Fleeting Notes]]
    • [[F-Note]] are used within your academic writing as direct quotes with attribution.
    • [[F-Note]] notes are the initial notes collected from a source. F-Note 是直接摘录的原始笔记
    • [[F-Note]] are always the words and ideas of others (direct quotes or copied content). 其他人的文字和想法
    • [[F-Note]] should never be used without attribution to the source material. 不应该在没有标注来源的情况下使用
    • As part of the X - Collect process, an [[F-Note]] will have a sub-bullet that will represent a thought the reader had while consuming that specific content.
      • F-Note 有一个子节点,记录读者在阅读对应内容时的想法
    • Fleeting Notes are the bottom layer of the foundation for further thinking. 闪念笔记是进一步思考的基础。
    • Also known as Fleeting Notes, Context Snippets. [[F-Note]]s support
  • [[Literature Notes]] 用自己的话重写 fleeting notes 的内容
    • [[L-Note]] are used within your academic writing as paraphrases with attribution. 带有归属的释义
    • [[L-Note]] are a simple re-statement of the original text in the [[F-Note]] in your own words. 用自己的话总结 F-Note
    • In the process of creating Literature Notes it is essential that the reader just simply re-states and does not permit the influence of their personal worldview, theories, or pre-conceived ideas. 文献笔记只需要重写原文,而不要融入自己的世界观、理论或设想
    • Literature Notes serve two main purposes
      • They facilitate a deeper understanding of the material 更深入理解材料
      • They ensure that you do not change the meaning of the text from its original context. 保证你不改变原来的含义
    • Requiring an [[L-Note]] prior to further analysis of the Fleeting Note also allows the writer to easily see where they are adding value to their reading. 重新阅读产生什么价值
      • If the writer has something to say beyond the simple re-statement in an [[L-Note]] an [[R-Note]] is required. 如果在重写 L-Note 时还有其他想法想写,需要一个 R-Note
      • An [[L-Note]] may uncover a new [[Q-Note]] required to explore an idea further. L-Note 可能引发出一个 Q-Note
    • example:根据多个 [[F-Note]] 写一个 [[L-Note]]
      • image.png
  • [[Realization Notes]]
    • 为什么要写下这个笔记?
    • R-note 更进一步的想法
    • example
      • image.png

Clarify (Why?)

  • Question Notes
    • Q-note 需要大量 blocks 支撑(实验、观点),Q-note 记录你不确定的东西。
    • What
      • A [[Q-Note]] is used within your academic writing as an exploratory staging space for deeper thinking and connections between all other note types. 用于深入思考和连接其他所有类型的笔记
      • A [[Q-Note]] sits at the Page level with the question as a title and prefaced with a Q. 一个以 Q - 问题 为标题的 page
      • A [[Q-Note]] poses a question or a theory (used as the page title, prefaced by a Q that needs further support or exploration. Q-Note 对应一个问题或理论,需要材料支持或进一步探索
      • A [[Q-Note]] is a page on it’s way to becoming an [[Z-Note]]. Q-Note’s make great outline line items for writing projects. Q-Note 会成为 Z-note。Q-Note 也是写作的大纲、标题、章节
    • Example
      • image.png
  • Evergreen Notes/Synthesis Notes/Zettelkasten/[[Permanent Notes]],对某个特定主题的理解
    • What
      • A [[Z-Note]] is used within your academic writing as a representation of a resolved and converted #[[Q-Note]] 对应一个已解决或转化的 Q-Note
      • A [[Z-Note]] is always at the Page level and has a single declarative title (claim, theory, argument, problem) as a page title (prefaced by an Z) 以 Z - 声明性标题(主张、理论、论点、问题) 为标题的 Page
      • A [[Z-Note]] is densely linked with #[[R-Note]], possibly other [[Z-Note]] and Q-Note. Z-Note 和其他类型的笔记都息息相关。
      • A [[Z-Note]] may be produced as the result of a Q-Note. Z-Note 可能是对一个 Q-Note 研究的成果。
      • The content of a [[Z-Note]] can be used in multiple contexts and for multiple projects. Z-Note 可以在多个上下文和项目中使用
      • A collection of [[Z-Note]] are a representation of your personal synthesized knowledge. 多少 Z-Note 就代表你有多少综合的知识。
    • example
      • image.png

Connect/Time-Travel (When?) 如何链接/支援未来

  • Ways to Travel through Time 根据笔记的重要程度选择不同的链接方式,什么时候希望再看到相关的笔记
    • Very Important
      • On Page 通过页面汇总相关的 block
    • Important
      • Tagging - Page Level
      • Nested Under Page Backlink - Page Level 嵌套在页面的反向链接下面
      • Related Referencing - Block Level []() 相关引用
    • Less Important
      • All Blocks to a Page
  • Keeping it clean
    • Commenting (also useful during create session)
    • Invisibility Cloak {{=:| Your Block or Page Goes here }}。Roam 插件,放在 {{=:| 需要链接到的 page }} 中的链接不在页面上展示,但是可以在反向链接中展示
  • Commenting (also will be useful when we get to writing)


Ideas Remix 组合不同的想法形成新的想法?


Joel Chan’s Knowledge Synthesis: A Conceptual Model and Practical Guide